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Taugore 2 years ago
Hola tengo un trató que proponerte si puedes ponerte en contacto con migo
Nikotaur 2 years ago
Yeah that was the line that tipped me over the edge too lol
Taule 2 years ago
The reason it bothers your daughter is because it bothers you. You are the one who made a big deal about people equating her self worth to her looks rather than her intellect. If it bothers her and makes her cry it is 100% your fault. If you would’ve never said anything and just let whatever compliments come then I doubt she’d care if people thought she was pretty. Or maybe it would make her feel good about being pretty. But if she feels bad about being pretty it’s all you.
Aram 2 years ago
Wow! You look like a fucking TNT! AMAZING body!
Shaktikasa 2 years ago
Hola mi chica jajaj pues nunca te encuentro pues haces cam chaturbate para verte algun día xd o es la suerte nada más