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Moogukora 1 year ago
We have much more on
Dabei 1 year ago
Hi Danie Luv! Thanks so much for thinking about us to make a compilation, but we rather keep our videos under our account for now to avoid any problems. Maybe in the future we can make something special to share with you. Thanks!
Grokus 1 year ago
I could last more than a hour now I can't last 5min what happened to me
Yolmaran 1 year ago
That doesn't explain the portion of the population now existing that didn't evolve to embrace myths. Non-myth embracing humans seem to have existed throughout history. It also doesn't address the effects of indoctrination of humans from birth into the religion of their parents and/or culture.
Nikozragore 1 year ago
Someone needs to kill my wifi before I'm here for another 5 hours lol